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Welcome to Geek Squad Games.
Since 2015 we have been operating as independent developers of mobile, desktop and browser games.
The impulse to set up the group was our desire to make our dreams come true and to transfer them from our imagination to the world of digital entertainment.
Our team is, first of all, two gaming enthusiasts. We were lucky to be born in 1970 and grew up along with the first games being launched for 8bit microcomputers. Our first encounters with digital entertainment started in video arcades, where we spent hours wasting money earned by our parents.
When we visited computer fairs to buy new games, we had even greater opportunities to experience the world of digital entertainment. We frequently spent all nights playing games, drawing maps to not to get lost in a maze of numerous levels and completing games.
Our first hardware included: ZX Spectrum plus, Atari 800XL, Commodore Amiga 500, Commodore Amiga 1200. Computer games are our passion and we have been dealing with them many years already; our hobby is older than many young players, which does not mean we are that old ;o). We regularly followed changes and trends that emerged in the games market. We can talk about games for hours; both about those for
8-bit microcomputers and for Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft consoles. Each of us has still got ZX Spectrum, Amiga and MAME emulators as well as arcade games from our childhood.
Now that we are adults, with extensive knowledge and, first of all, eagerness, we believe that we will be remembered by the world of digital entertainment because of our products.

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